HusDom – The Journey

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The inspiration for this blog is to encourage and help educate the vanilla husband during his journey to becoming a Dominant.

I would not consider myself a Master of the art, but merely a student of the lifestyle that continues to learn more each and every day.  My writing should not be considered or taken as advice.  The posts and comments within my blog portray my personal experiences along my journey into the D/s lifestyle and are provided only to allow others to examine how I have successfully made the transition from a vanilla husband to a contemporary husDom.

The topics and comments on can be of personal insecurities and doubt.  Every husDom and especially newer husDom’s will experience some sort of these feelings during their journey.

If you are concerned that your submissive will be troubled by knowing your identity and reading your comments please feel free to contact me directly by email and I will sanitize any comments.

Please help me and the other countless husDom’s like us by providing feedback, comments and suggestions along the way.


Mr Fox

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